Material Used for Filling Teeth

Teeth filling comes in a wide range of materials, but the main trouble is to choose the appropriate material for the filling. The material will depend on a number of aspects; size of the filling hole, the place of the tooth, cosmetic choices, and the cost. The material used for filling teeth include cast gold, silver amalgam, ceramics, glass Ionomers, and composite resin.

Silver amalgam has been used for ages; this material was the oldest material used for filling the teeth. This type of filling is a mixture of useful metals; tin, silver, zinc, copper, and mercury. Silver amalgam was the only choice available for the people who wanted teeth filling, but now there are many options to choose from. Due to its metallic color, people prefer this type of filling for the back teeth. Even with the accessibility to many new components, this substance remains used because of its capability to withstand extreme pressure produced by eating movements, and because of its budget to people.

Cast gold is also good for fillings. It has the same strength as silver amalgam, and it is last longer as well. People choose this as they like the gold color over the silver; however, it is more costly than the silver amalgam.

Ceramics can likewise be utilized for fillings when a natural looking filling is required. These fillings are normally of porcelain material, which doesn’t stain as promptly as other tooth shaded materials. Considering the downside, porcelain made ceramics are expensive as compared to the other filling materials and it also has a rougher surface. It can also last longer; however, it’ll be vulnerable to breakage and chipping.

Glass Ionomers is a substance which can also be used as dental fillings. The combination of acrylic as well as a type of glass is known as glass ionomers. This substance is good for kid’s teeth, as this is also protected from decay. This release fluoride, which enter the tooth to prevent decay. With many advantages, it has a serious disadvantage that it is not as strong as other materials and it can also fracture. Due to the temporary nature and less durability, it is considered to be the best filling for kids.

Know the condition of your teeth and seek dental advice regarding the filling procedure. You can choose any type of filling material, but it is always better to consult a dentist.